Country Music – Where oh Where have you gone?

I used to really enjoy Country Radio, but now can turn a station on and can barely listen to it for a minute or two before I turn it to an oldies station. There is no Country Music played on contemporary country music stations, and I believe there are a couple of reasons for that.

The first is that I do believe there is a concerted effort out there to eliminate the rural down home way of life. I have seen posts about how country music was red neck and there is no place in society for those opinions anymore. That is a load of garbage and if you decide to follow this site, you may even agree with me. This country is splitting more and more into urban vs. rural. Look at a county map of the last presidential election. There is no doubt that the urban areas are trying to dictate to the rest of the country what is going on. When national morning tv news shows try to tell us how good their choice of country music singers are, you really have to worry!

The second reason, and probably the biggest is that the so called country music executives have decided to direct country music to what they feel is their biggest chance of making money, the female audience from age 16 to 35. Look at what today’s songs are for the most part – a bunch of young guys moaning and wailing about how they are going to treat their girls. The BAD part about this is that these guys can’t even sing. A bunch of guys who know they won’t make it on the pop side of music because they are so bad, so they turned to country where they can moan and pretend to be able to hold a tune – and unfortunately, since they are supposedly good looking and try to dance, they are the ones in front of the so called county music scene.

Now there are still some great artists out there, but country music radio won’t play them – both male and female. The station that I do listen to at times that plays older music will play the newer stuff from those artists, and for the most part it is very good, but it won’t be heard from the mainstream. I know – Chris Stapleton is an acquired taste, but his last album is outstanding in my opinion. One song is about saying goodbye to Nashville, – he knows he won’t make it there anymore because he isn’t pop, and he doesn’t moan about girls. Finally a song about a dog again – and it is outstanding.

Carrie Underwood concert my wife and I attended.

2 thoughts on “Country Music – Where oh Where have you gone?

  1. I totally agree! And Chris Stapleton=Da Bomb! Tennessee Whiskey is AWESOME! That’s the country music I love! Thank goodness for XM radio! I can choose what to listen to and none of it is TODAYS TRASH! It’s either Classic Rewind, 80s-90s Country, or Elvis.


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