Slow Down Country Pap

Easter Then and Now

I have been having some trouble lately trying to come up with a topic that fits with what I hope this blog is becoming – somewhere to write down some of my thoughts and memories. I don’t want to write about what is going on in the world today, I am over the depressing crapContinue reading “Easter Then and Now”

Kittens in the Church

I started this blog in hopes of recording some of my earlier memories to share with my friends and family as I remember them – you know – I should have written that down – well I am. Lying in bed this Sunday morning looking forward to a SUNRISE in CLEAR skies that we haven’tContinue reading “Kittens in the Church”

Butchering Day

By the title of my page you should be able to tell that I was born and raised in a very rural area, and being so, we lived as much as possible off the land. That means you raise your own vegetables in the garden and as much as possible you raised your own meatContinue reading “Butchering Day”


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