Some Good News Maybe???

First, let me just say that I can’t stand to watch the news anymore. I don’t trust any of it, liberal main stream or conservative stations. They don’t report the news, they are now opinion makers, not news reporters. You still have to watch some of it though to try to get some idea about what is going on, but you have to watch both sides and then try to solve the puzzle. I would love to see a national news organization started outside of one of the cities that actually would report the news that matters and leave it at that. It would grow by leaps and bounds like one certain station did on election eve, but i can’t watch that one either because again, it is no more than opinions.

Now, it looks like we have some virus vaccines ready to get out there and in my opinion that is good news, but now let the politicians and the news media get hold of this one. Let’s just watch them take credit for everything that is going on, and while they are trying to preach the good part of this news, they just can’t do it. Two people had allergic reactions the first day of giving the vaccine in Britain, and that was what the news led with. The vaccine is being given BUT……. No matter how hard these organizations try, they can not give a positive news spin on anything.

What really bothered me yesterday was a post I saw on one of the news sites about how so much of the vaccine was being held back to give to certain government officials!!!! Oh, that burned me right now, and then I went back to read it again and it had somehow mysteriously vanished! It might be out there yet, but you would have to look to find it. News that should be reported, but now hidden. I believe that is why I can’t stand the news, not just because they are now trying to only shape opinion, but they don’t report certain things. While I truly don’t trust these election results, I might be wrong, but let’s have some open news reporting from both sides – and not opinions so we can fix any problem that is out there, and if there was wrong doing, make those people pay for it. I certainly hope that Joe Biden can be a good president, but I pity the man because I don’t think that is the intention of the democratic party to leave him there long. They are now allowing news opinion pieces on items that were not reported on before the election. It’s out there. Look it up or yourselves and make your own decisions about it. Both sides are kind of reporting it now.

Now back to the good news maybe. The vaccine is here and is being distributed. There is not enough out there for everyone right now but let’s make sure that it goes to the right people first – the front line medical workers and those poor folks in the long term care facilities. Politicians – YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUMP THE LINE!!!! Don’t use the excuse that you want to show everyone that you think it is safe and want to show everyone you will take it for a photo op… I challenge you to use some of that money that we as taxpayers give you to sponsor a front line health care worker to come to your office where that person gets the vaccine while you watch and then congratulate that person for being a person of the year for what she or he does. YOU would then earn some respect from me and others. Then you get in line like the rest of us and wait for your shot. I don’t even care if you want to call yourself essential workers and get it then (even though many of us question essential.) What can you do to stay safe in the meantime????? Well I would suggest masking up, social distancing, washing your hands, supporting local small restaurants by ordering takeout, and skipping your high society holiday parties and vacations. Can you even do that????

Now I do want to give props to West Virginia though and Governor Justice. They are in those long term health facilities right now giving vaccines, and yes he had the photo op getting the vaccine, but I can live with that because I am pretty sure he is one of those high risk individuals. They are also using the national guard to get the vaccine across the state, while the state I am living in is skipping entire regions of the state right now and keeping it close to the 8 counties that run this state. Not sure that is really fair – are you???

Oh, and by the way, if you as a politician are going to invite a health care worker for the vaccine, invite one from one of those regions that are ignored because there are not enough votes there to hurt you. It wouldn’t hurt to show you care for everyone!!!!

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