Family – The Circle of Life

During a recent morning walk that I can now do since retirement, I came to a realization that we all may come to at some point in our lives. With the recent passing of my dad in early October, my wife and I are now officially the oldest generation of the family. Hit me between the eyes I tell you. Where does that time go? At times I feel like I can simply wake up, go downstairs and mom will have breakfast. Then I can go out in the backyard and start hitting my wiffle ball. But no, now I wake up, eat breakfast with my wife, kiss her goodbye as she goes to work. Now, we have happily done that for the past 36 years, but now we are GRANDPARENTS! I can’t be that old. 60 was ancient to me several years ago, but it doesn’t seem that old now – except for the aching joints! It also didn’t help that later in the day I was turned down to give blood because my blood pressure was too high. Good Lord! – what is happening to me?

OK, wait a minute! Believe me I am not complaining too much here, because with this increase in age comes the biggest joys of my life – grandchildren. I am not putting down my own daughters here, but when they say you can watch the grandkids and then they go home is true, except for the cleaning up! My three year old granddaughter looked at me the other day and asked me what I did with all the toys when she went home. I told her I had to put them away, and she looked at me and said – Oh no! She is a catbird, let me tell you, and she will have me around her little finger as long as I am around – no doubt. Of course those other 4 will too!

I know, nothing I have written here is earth shattering at all, and those of you with grandkids know what I am saying. It does simply amaze me how fast things move, how quickly you go from being that kid with little responsibilities to that pap who now worries about everyone in the family – a family that seems to be growing faster than can be imagined.

Before I wrap up here though, another non earth shattering statement. Your parents are a precious part of your life and don’t wait until they are gone to realize that! They may be here one instant and gone the other. My wife and I have experienced that with two of our parents, and have watched two struggle with long drawn out diseases as well. If you have it in your hearts to stop and say a prayer with everyone affected in their lives with cancer and dementia do so, and if it happens to your loved ones it will take that parent you know away from you too soon, even though they are still here with us. I pray you don’t find out what I mean be that. Til next time – Countrypap

From my last trip to Lindy Point, Blackwater Falls State Park, WV.

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