Small Farms, Small Businesses

Hey folks, been a while since I have posted but there are some things happening out there today that have me very annoyed and very concerned. Yes, this is probably a soap box post, but one that I have to do. Yesterday, after a few summerlike days after a very cold and wet beginning ofContinue reading “Small Farms, Small Businesses”

It’s March!!!! Life is Good!!!

The last few weeks of February have been rather dreary here in the Mountains of Western Maryland – cabin fever definitely set in! The last few days have gone a long way to cure that fever though!!! My wife and I got to go visit my granddaughter and her parents this weekend for her 1stContinue reading “It’s March!!!! Life is Good!!!”

February and Maple Trees

While I consider February to be a dull monotonous month here in the mountains of Western Maryland, it was a month my dad always looked forward to because it was Maple Sugar Time! Dad loved many times of the year, but when the Maple Sugar Trees started running – he was happy, and in hisContinue reading “February and Maple Trees”