It’s March!!!! Life is Good!!!

The last few weeks of February have been rather dreary here in the Mountains of Western Maryland – cabin fever definitely set in! The last few days have gone a long way to cure that fever though!!!

My wife and I got to go visit my granddaughter and her parents this weekend for her 1st birthday – and they live over 8 hours SOUTH of here. Needless to say, we left here with still over a foot of snow on the ground and cold temperatures. South Carolina on the other hand – no snow, bare ground, and we even took a couple of walks Sunday in mid 70 degree temperatures. Even saw some beautiful flowers in a park we visited. Life is good!

My granddaughter trying out her new kitchen step stool I made for her.
One of the beautiful flowers we were able to enjoy in South Carolina

While we were gone, our area had above freezing temperatures and flooding rains, so we were pretty sure that we would lose some snow, but were pleasantly surprised at the amount of bare ground we now have. While we were gone, we were even blessed with the first egg from our new bunch of chickens we started over the winter. Ohhh – life is good!

The famous first egg photo that all chicken owners have to get!

This morning I woke to clear skies (very cold weather – 18 degrees) and SUNSHINE. What a day it has been already! Finally got to take my dog gunner on a walk on our regular path that is now almost completely snow free! I have been able to let the chickens out in their outside run since the snow is gone and I can fix the netting. The pruning shears have been sharpened for this afternoon. The woodshop has been cleaned and ready for more work. It is just a beautiful day. Life is good!!!

The chickens are enjoying the sunshine too!
Gunner and I out for our walk. He can’t stop grinning!

Oh, and the new Joe Pickett book was released today – my FAVORITE character to read by CJ Box. Life is GOOD!

I know, March is a very fickle month. It can be beautiful and sunny one hour, snowing the next. One of the nastiest snow storms I can remember happened in March. BUT – you know that spring really is approaching, there will be a new Joe Pickett book released, I can start cleaning and preparing garden soon (I even planted potatoes last March – probably wait for April this year,) daylight savings time is coming back, Baseball is being played again, watching for that first Robin of the spring, the birds are singing more and more – and that promise of renewal that God has always given us is on the way. Life is GOOD!!!!

A little snow left on one of the gardens this morning, but those planting days are getting closer!

Thanks for reading and sharing at my endeavor to write about memories and thoughts to share with my family, biological and friend family. Please feel free to like and/or comment. You are helping me to validate to myself what I am doing. Thank you!!!!!

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