Reminiscing about Grandparents

Writing this blog has really helped me to reminisce about times when I was much younger and the things we used to do when I was a kid. It is now 12 degrees outside and with a warm fire in the family room, it is a good time to write about that now. I wasContinue reading “Reminiscing about Grandparents”

Winter is Here in Western MD

Well, as a kid I used to love winter, but as an adult, if you are not into the snow sports, it can be a slow time with the snow adding lots of work to your schedule (at least that’s the way I feel at times.) I will have to admit though, upon retiring andContinue reading “Winter is Here in Western MD”

Has common sense become a thing of the past? Christmas Eve, 2020

Christmas Eve, 2020. By listening to the news, social media, and our government, Christmas is likely to kill us this year. We don’t have the knowledge or common sense to protect ourselves or to do things safely – so stay home and don’t go out. We are not having church services – Christmas Parties andContinue reading “Has common sense become a thing of the past? Christmas Eve, 2020”

Country Music – Where oh Where have you gone?

I used to really enjoy Country Radio, but now can turn a station on and can barely listen to it for a minute or two before I turn it to an oldies station. There is no Country Music played on contemporary country music stations, and I believe there are a couple of reasons for that.Continue reading “Country Music – Where oh Where have you gone?”