Thanksgiving Remembrances

There is no doubt as you get older your activities during Thanksgiving change but one thing should never change. You should always be thankful to God for all he has given us. If you look closely enough today, there are forces at work trying to eliminate the traditional family and family values and that even means putting a bad light on Thanksgiving. I truly believe this is a minority of people out there and the best thing to do with them is ignore their attempt to control the conversation and live our lives the way we should. We can control that conversation when need be and God will help us do it!

Just a warning here. I am trying to write this while watching my little buddy today and he is sitting beside me trying to feed me his made up pizza, giving me hugs and listening to Luke Combs so this may wander a bit. I couldn’t be more thankful.

My intention of this post is to talk about how Thanksgiving Day has changed for my life over the past 61 years. The activities definitely have changed but being Thankful to God was always at the top of the list. We may not say this out loud as a family, we are not very openly expressive, but the knowledge of this was always there. (Just got a couple more hugs from little buddy doing this – he certainly is expressive!

Yes, this may not be the day that these guys look forward to, but I love watching wild flocks of turkeys.

As a child, I really don’t remember much. I am sure like many we visited my grandparents and has some wonderful meals and my mom was a wonderful cook (unless she was trying to get me to eat stewed tomatoes), so we ate well and that Thanksgiving prayer was always there. I can still hear my dad praying. As we grew older, Thanksgiving Day became a butchering day for us but when I got older that changed as well.

Move forward to a young married couple. Thanksgiving Day became two large meals for us, one at each of our parents’ homes. Great food, great fellowship, and yes. those important Thanksgiving Prayers. As we had our children and they grew older, the table or even tables became fuller with family and food. Oh, what wonderful happy memories. I can remember activities during this time that included Thanksgiving Turkey Trot runs with my daughters, and watching the parades on TV watching for the appearance of Santa Claus. Oh, what fun days and I miss them so much.

Woops – a little buddy fall. Had to stop, dry some tears, give some hugs, show some pictures, and change from Luke Combs to Spirit on TV. Happy boy again and back at it for me – now where was I?

Children grown, grandkids here and my wife and I are back to one big meal a day and my wife and I are now the Grandparents. We now have quite a table with our daughters, their husbands, and our five grandkids. This will be our first Thanksgiving with all around the table, Covid slowed us down last year, but my daughter and her family is here from South Carolina, we are vaccinated so we are going to have a big day on Thursday. The prayer duty will be mine, my wife will cook and carve the turkey and we will take on the duties of the oldest living generation. (Good Lord that makes me sound old.) New memories may include a skeet shoot in the morning. That will be fun! The biggest difference here now is that my daughters will be having two big meals, my wife and I get to spend a quiet evening together.

My take away from all of this is that we need to be thankful at all times, but on this day, we take the time to do this as a family and thank God as a family. Yes, this day may have been set by our government a long time ago but this is really a day for the Lord. A day we take to give thanks to Him for all He has done for us and what He will do for us. You want an incentive to do that – just look around the traditional table as you sit down to share that prayer. Not all of us have that, but for those of us that do – oh what we really do have to be thankful for! God bless you and yours on this wonderful day!

Thanks for taking the time for reading, liking, and commenting. Your time is appreciated.

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