Thoughts and my daily agenda from a Retired Educator on the First Day of School (warning, some soapbox paragraphs here)

This will be my second year that I have been retired from the public school system. Wow do I miss the kids and their excitement, but I don’t miss the adults who have a personal agenda, or are not truly there for the kids. Thankfully that is a minority of people involved in education, but as an administrator, those few adults took up the majority of the time. I even miss the irate parents, because most times they were only looking out for their kids, and if you showed them respect and demanded the same from them, real educational conversations and solutions usually occurred. I don’t miss what education has been evolving into and is now growing exponentially into, and that is a group of loud mouth so called leaders who are nationally trying to lead education into something other than teaching our kids how to survive when they leave the system, but indoctrinate them into their own personal “beliefs” that are completely dominated by money. These people will follow the group they feel will give them more money and to heck with the regulations these dollars come with.

OK, now off my soapbox kind of, and back to the day. I got to enjoy the first day pictures of my granddaughter off to her first day of pre-k in her pink dress (she never wears a dress) and matching outfit with a smile as big as the world on her face as she begins her steps in education to become a horse trainer. Also the smile from my grandson who is entering second grade, thinks school is dumb – even though we know he enjoys it, and is working his way into being a log truck driver. Another granddaughter is enjoying being in child care, and I have two more grandsons, one who feels he is missing out not being able to go to school and the other 1 year old who simply enjoys life and has a smile all the time. God has truly blessed me and my wife and since I am retired, I get to watch those two boys some during the school week!!!!!

OK – warning – another soapbox episode. I watched those smiles and many others on children the last few weeks, but they go to school today with the threat of disruptions all over the school system. I made the mistake of having the National News on for LESS THAN A MINUTE this morning and I have never heard such scare mongering in my life! There are threats of adult protesting and student walkouts over masks in this county today and that makes me irate! I am not irate because of the masks and I may even be more on their side than not, but anyone – especially adults who think it is ok to disrupt a school day, or even recruit kids to do the same, need to be charged, locked up, or suspended from school. There are places to do this – but not in front or in the schools during this first day for many, many, innocent young lives. You should be ASHAMED if this happens. Any fear you instill in these young lives or any adult in those buildings is on YOU and unfortunately, I know many of you don’t even care. It’s that personal agenda, come hell or high water! I REALLY HOPE I AM WRONG AND THIS DOESN’T HAPPEN.

Off the soapbox again and on to my day. The last two years of my career I passed a retired gentleman walking along a country road as I drove to work early in the morning and I was very jealous. In honor of him, I took a walk in the woods early this morning to enjoy the woods and to check my game camera. Coming back I opened the window of the truck and simply enjoyed the fresh air. Wow, the Good Lord has really created an absolutely beautiful world for us to live in and we need to take more time to enjoy it!

My hiking trail this morning
Don’t forget to look up during a walk!

Back home, feeding the chickens, checking the garden, and looking at game camera pictures. Writing this blog post now, then off to set up a small produce stand with some beans and tomatoes and to take some of my woodworking projects to display along the road. Then back to working in the garden and in the woodshop. I will finish another acorn birdhouse today – my best yet as I continue to learn how to use my wood lathe. Then, spending time with my wife this evening. A GREAT DAY!

A picture from my game trail camera this morning

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog posts and please feel free to like and comment. I truly do appreciate your time!

One thought on “Thoughts and my daily agenda from a Retired Educator on the First Day of School (warning, some soapbox paragraphs here)

  1. I’m glad you are enjoying retirement so much. Although I stay really busy and get to do things I want to do, I decided I’d sub a little to cover some unexpected expenses. Since most of the subs don’t want to be in school and risk getting exposed to Covid, it looks like I’ll have to turn down some days or they’d have me working all the time. They don’t have a 5th grade teacher for one of the classes, so I’ve been subbing there. Tomorrow is my last day there. They found a long term sub.
    Those are some nice deer in your picture! We have lots of deer that travel through our property but I mostly see females with fawns.


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