Spring has Sprung in Western MD (knock on wood)

Took a morning walk around the place today, listening to our young rooster crowing with joy, and completely enjoying the signs of spring that are so apparent now. Living in the Western Maryland mountains and the higher portions of the West Virginia area, spring takes a while longer to get here than the rest of the state, but it is worth it with the cooler weather we enjoy in the summer. While we can drive 30 minutes in almost any direction and see a completely different world with trees blooming, tulips, forsythia, mowed lawns, etc., we are probably still two weeks from that. I may have stated on here before that my middle daughter was born on April 28th and we had six inches of snow the night before, so we are always still watching the weather forecasters, wondering if they can get it right today!

Winter picture
Same spot, months later.

Gardening has really been on my mind lately, and the main thing I have to be concerned about this time of year is PATIENCE! I want to start planting, but know there are still plenty of frosts coming, we just hope that they are not too significant once the blooming buds open on the fruit trees. Last year I planted potatoes in March, and while they did well, it was weeks before they came up – so I will wait a little longer this year. I got Kennebec and Yukon Gold seed this week, and will probably put them in when the garden dries some more.

Getting one of the gardens ready
Rhubarb is coming up. I hope we finally have enough to use!

My grandson and I did start working on the gardens this week with fertilizing, spreading lime and tilling, so it won’t be too much longer before seeds will start. My wife is thinking about starting some plants indoors in a few weeks – it is coming!

Potatoes and Corn last year in early summer.

Changes have been happening and continue to do so quickly now, so that patience is hard to follow. While we did have our couple inches of snow during Easter Week, the grass is getting greener, flowers are blooming or budding, the maple trees are turning red, and those signs that God is following though with his promise of the circle of life are all around us! The summer birds are back, I saw a bat flying around last night, the frogs are peeping in the evenings, and my wife and I are back to walking on a regular basis. We even found an Eagle’s nest this week on one of our walks!

Blueberries in December
Blueberries today

While we can always see signs of our Lord and Savior at any time of the year, this early spring time is always the part of the year when I can see it more clearly than any other time. Christ has risen and we can see that all around us now with the new growth rising and exploding all around us! While it is important to thank God every day for what he is given us, that trust we give in him that the seeds that we plant, or the plants we take care of will keep and sustain us is never more apparent than right now!

New Elderberry Plants beginning to emerge
An old church beside our property
Screech Owl House. An American Kestrel nested last year. Might have seen some movement in there this morning!
Aspen Bloom
Daffodils this morning
My wife loves tulips. It won’t be long.

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