Easter Then and Now

I have been having some trouble lately trying to come up with a topic that fits with what I hope this blog is becoming – somewhere to write down some of my thoughts and memories. I don’t want to write about what is going on in the world today, I am over the depressing crap that comes with watching what used to be the news. Then it hits me – it’s holy week, and after the depressing historical events of this week we will be waking up Sunday to Easter Morning – a time of great happiness and joy for Christians all over the world! Maybe we can use that as an example of how we should be acting today.

Let’s see now, this will be my 60th Easter and I can just sit here and realize how Easter has changed for me throughout the years. As a young boy not really understanding faith and the church, the Easter Bunny was a big deal. I can remember our Easter Baskets for me and my sisters, but can’t remember a whole lot about what we did, who we spent it with or things like that – I guess cobwebs in the brain.

As I got older, the Church and the resurrection of our Lord became more and more a part of the Easter Season. There was no question of attending church and spending the day with the family, which grew to two families as my wife and I started hanging out together. That is the funny part of any holiday as you get older. As a child, most of the family memories are of one family, evolving into maybe three as we visited grandparents. That continues after marriage and children, but as you get older and move towards the oldest living generation, that winds down to a day spent with my wife, a part of the day with my daughters their husbands and my grandchildren, but unlike past times, a quiet time together after Easter Service, and dinner with the girls’ families after they move on to their other family visits. This has become a totally new experience for us and a special time for us to be together, even though now we probably will just sit down and REST (I am pretty sure a hike together will be in there too if the weather permits.) We will have been a part of our Easter Service, dinner and an egg hunt with the growing family, including some Facetime with our daughter and family in South Carolina, so I can assure you, we will be tired!

My Grandpap and First Daughter about 30 years ago. I know this is a Christmas photo, but its my Family!

So, I have touched on the past, let’s look at Easter today. Last year this pandemic had us in virtual services. We did still visit with our family, because we watched ourselves, stayed away from crowds and felt safe to be together. We didn’t need the government to treat us like we were stupid and couldn’t figure this out. It was also important to us to put our faith in God and to believe he would protect us in this important time. (The virus at that time was practically non-existent in this area – we would see that increase later.) This year we will thankfully be able to participate in church services, and be with our family. All of the adults in the family will have been vaccinated or have developed some immunity naturally (a shock that is not even discussed in the media isn’t it?) We will be together on this most important day in the Christian Calendar!

My daughters Easter 1993 ready for Church

Soooooo – my thought for all of you, especially those of you who have the Christian Faith. I truly believe there is a concerted movement in this country to diminish the importance of faith in our society, both Christian and Jewish. Faith beliefs do not always hold to the woke philosophy that we hear so much about. Even SOME of our National Church bodies are talking and acting in ways that go against what I believe is written in the bible, while trying to be more “socially” acceptable. I even heard a news/opinion swaying (during the national media news hour) report that Evangelicals were going to ruin the vaccination effort in the world because they wouldn’t get the vaccine. HOGWASH! My family is part of the Evangelicals in this country and we lined up for ours as have many others, but that attempt to put us in a bad light is out there. Are there some Christians who will not get that vaccine? of course, but that will occur throughout all of society. It’s just convenient and follows todays talking points to put Evangelicals in a bad light.

Thank God there are still those small and large churches out there that still believe in the word of God, do their best to practice it (even though we all fail at some point), and celebrate our Risen Saviour! Be loud, be proud, and celebrate that fact. Don’t let those (whom I truly believe are the raucous minority) dictate the conversation, or shame you into being silent. Shout it from the rooftops! —- CHRIST HAS RISEN —– HE HAS RISEN INDEED!!!


Thank you for reading! You are an important part of my effort to create memories and thoughts for my family and friends. Please feel free to like or comment, you are helping me to validate my efforts!

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