Why Waste the Time???

I have kind of made a pact with myself that this blog is going to be about reminiscing and writing about things I know and love, but dang it, since Sunday night I have been consumed with the thought of why did I just waste 4+ hours of my time watching the so-called Super Bowl??? If you were expecting something else from me, you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t read any further – just getting some things off my chest!

Now, the Super Bowl used to be a big thing for me and many in my circle of friends and family. We used to visit others houses for the game and I completely remember on one Sunday Evening with terrible weather traveling over an hour to watch the game with my oldest daughter in her dorm room. It was a lot of fun. We watched and cheered the game, argued over calls, enjoyed the commercials, had some great snacks, and it was a fun family time. When my daughters were younger, we would plan the menu, invite grandparents and friends and have a good time.

THIS YEAR. Oh right, we are not supposed to gather together, not supposed to CHEER according to the CDC, I have to watch my snacks since I am getting older and am out of shape, but – in the spirit of Super Bowls past, going to give it a go! Even ate some pretzels (which I had to explain why my blood pressure was so high at the doctor on my office visit on Monday.) What a bust!

First, I THOUGHT it was going to be a good game – again what a bust! Should have known there was a pre-determined winner – and don’t give me that conspiracy theory crap that the people who don’t want anyone to think differently than they do spout. I really didn’t care who won – seriously – one of the few times I haven’t cared, I just wanted to get away from it all and watch a good game. What I saw was some very questionable calls ( apologies to Tampa Fans here – I know you don’t believe that) but look at those calls with an open mind. They would happen right at particular times, even the announcers questioned them, and don’t tell me the same thing wasn’t going on over on the other side of the line. I saw defensive pass interference and holding on the other side too, but oh you had to look at it on the sides of the screen and it wasn’t shown again. Tom Brady could run up to anyone and spout off, nothing ever said or the other team was penalized. Give me a break!

Now I am not going to say that Tampa Bay shouldn’t have won it. Goodness, compare the lines. It looked to me that Tampa was sooooo much bigger and they did have a good game plan, they have an awesome TEAM, but they didn’t need those questionable calls, and I really think it should have been a closely contested game and would have been.

OK, not a good game, that has happened before, and yes, I really think the NFL is becoming more and more staged with the focus being put on the players who like to spout off about themselves or the best looking and not the hard working, down to earth football players. Just like everything else today, everyone pays attention to the loudest most annoying group, and think about it folks, are those the people you would want your child to be like? This has been happening for years, and the quality of sports and many other things have been on the decline in quality and audience as well – from youth to pro sports. Look at these Super Bowl Ratings, that somehow were delayed by many hours but still came out as the lowest in YEARS! After 11 months of not being allowed to be ourselves, shouldn’t this have been a time when we could all just get away from it all???

AND —- if it was a bad game, at least you could depend upon the commercials for a good laugh, something to look forward too. I don’t think I laughed at one, am getting tired of being told how to think, and how wonderful everything is going to be now. Right. That is why I don’t watch the news – oh wait, the opinion maker show anymore than I have too. It’s not worth it and it is a waste of our time!!!

Folks, why waste the time? It’s not worth it. There are too many things happening right outside our windows to waste glorifying those squeaky wheel voices and the doom and gloom news media. According to them we are a nation divided, we are all going to die from this virus (they are now calling everyone who had this and are still with us survivors,) but things might get better if we can vaccinated as soon as possible before these variants kill us! I have come to believe, that instead of educating us on the importance of the vaccine, those in charge have decided to just scare us to death and we will all take it – but at least put it out there so we can!

Instead – look at your neighbors, your community, your family, your friends. There are good things going on out there everyday – soak those things in and enjoy them. Its a lot easier on the blood pressure! Concentrate on the good, deal with the bad, and put your trust in the Lord! We would all be better off!

Thanks for reading, and believe me, posts like this will be few and far between, but now that this is off my chest, I feel better. Check out my other posts for the past few weeks, I am really trying to remember the fun times and my life that God has made great for me and my family.

AND oh I can’t wait for high school sports with spectators to come back. I am not a principal anymore – I can enjoy them and my friends in the crowd again!!!

-Steve, aka CountryPap

My granddaughter’s recipe when she helps her grandma bake, but I have a feeling it resembles the news media’s and the sportscaster’s notes when they are spouting off at us! 🙂

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