Grandkids (Part 1 of Many I Am Sure)

Sitting here in front of the computer after quite a weekend waiting on my wood stove to catch up so I can blow snow, take care of the animals and basically get the week going. Hard to believe it is February 1st.

It was a great weekend – my wife’s birthday, spending time with the grandkids whether in person or virtually, watching over a foot of snow fall yesterday and it is still falling, and just an overall relaxing and fun weekend. Yesterday though my wife and I both just kept bursting into laughter at random times of the day, and it was always about one of my grandsons, Lucas.

Lucas is 2 and will be three this spring. He talks very well even though some times mom has to translate for us, but the one thing he has is a super sense of humor. He can keep us laughing every time he is around, but he was in rare form this weekend.

It all started Saturday evening while we were celebrating my wife’s birthday together. Lucas is usually a guy that stays to himself and plays, but he is always looking to put a smile on someone’s face, even though he does get his feelings hurt very easily. Because of that I like to tease him about his lower lip coming out and hitting the floor when he gets upset, and more times than not he begins to laugh. This evening though he was just his jolly self and wasn’t getting too upset, but being pap, I still had to tease him about that lower lip, When I did, he just looked at me this time, shook his head, stuck out that lower lip, bent down and put it on the floor. He then looked up at me with that Lucas smile and went on his way. His mom and I were the only ones who saw it and we cracked up! That made his day.

The best part of the evening was yet to come though. There were balloons there and the grandkids were having a great time blowing them up and my oldest grandson Nolan, who is Lucas’s brother, was learning how to blow them up and tie them. Nolan is a determined young man of 6 and he finally got a big yellow balloon tied. He was so proud. It happened right as the family was leaving to go home. About 1/2 hour later, my daughter, the boy’s mother texted us with quite a story about the ride home. Nolan hadn’t even gotten out of our driveway before he was talking about how proud he was of that balloon and he wanted to keep it forever! His mom told him that balloons just don’t last long but she would take a picture of it when they got home. Nolan wanted it on Facebook of course, but mom said she would send the picture to whomever he wanted. He said he wanted to send it to everyone in the world he was so proud of that special balloon. Of course right after that POP went that special balloon. Now Nolan is a very loud emotional young man and you can just imagine his reaction and the time it took to settle him down during that drive. When he finally quieted down, Nolan’s dad tried to change the subject to get Nolan to put his mind on something else, so he asked Lucas how he was doing. Without pause Lucas said “I didn’t pop my balloon!” Hahaha – I still laugh when I think of the grin that was probably on his face.

The next day I was telling my daughter how my wife and I just can’t stop laughing when we think about this and she said, oh wait let me show you something. She sent us a video of Lucas helping her make icing and while dad was videoing in another room, she left. They had just spread the icing and the bowl was setting there and of course Lucas picked it up, stuck his head in it to clean it out, then took a spoon to it. When he turned around his face and hair was covered in icing! My daughter and her husband are going to have a time with those two – and oh the stories they will make together!

It was a goooood weekend!!!!!!

Until next time – Countrypap

Note: I am doing this blog to create a memory space for me and my family and am so happy to share it with you. Please feel free to like anything you see that may touch a heartstring, comment or even follow the page. It does mean a lot and helps me to validate this blog that I hope becomes a special gift to my family and others. We all say at one time whether talking to our parents before they are gone, or just items that happen in everyday life that I just wish I had written it down. This is my attempt to do just that!

Hung very prominently in my Woodshop. Laughter truly is the best medicine!
Forecast of 6 to 10 inches over the past 36 hours. We have received 12 to 15 inches. Forecast for another 1 to 3 inches over the next 24 – think they will get that one right?? We in the Western MD Mountains are used to missed forecasts – especially with snow!

One thought on “Grandkids (Part 1 of Many I Am Sure)

  1. Years ago, when I was teaching the lower grades, I laughed so much that I started writing down those stories. When I moved to teaching in middle school, I didn’t find the kids nearly as funny so I quit writing them down. There were times when we would laugh, but not like teaching the lower grades. When I moved to assistant principal and then principal, laughs were few and far between. Now I often keep some little girls and just thinking of them makes my heart happy. As my husband often says, kids are truly a gift from God.


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