Winter is Here in Western MD

Well, as a kid I used to love winter, but as an adult, if you are not into the snow sports, it can be a slow time with the snow adding lots of work to your schedule (at least that’s the way I feel at times.) I will have to admit though, upon retiring and not having to worry about being on the roads as much, it is a lot less stressful, so taking on my theme of slowing down and enjoying the country life – let’s look at it a different way.

Winter really can be beautiful and awe-inspiring as God paints his canvass of nature in white! Some of the scenes can truly be unbelievable. We also really need to think what is really happening here. The plants and even some of the animals are taking a well needed rest during this time. We need these cold days for fruit trees to set their fruit bearing buds. This cold helps us to lower the population of pests. The soil is just relaxing. The freezing and thawing is loosening the soil while the dead foliage of the previous growing season is composting. Nature is simply getting ready for the promised regrowth in a couple of months.

The home scene after a cold night
Blueberry bushes taking a winter nap

I have spent the last couple of days – not resting mind you – but looking through seed catalogs and planning some additions to our small orchard. I love to garden and this year I can be in it much more and plan to top last years if at all possible.

The garden in June 2020

The woodshop has been fun. My grandson and I are building owl houses, one for him and probably another one I will try to sell this spring.

A screech owl house I put up last spring. I believe an American Kestrel used it in 2020

I now have TIME to do some of the work in my woodshop and it soooooo relaxing. With the addition of a wood lathe I have so much learning to do and the possibilities are endless!

Look at that curly maple once it is turned and finished! First try at a candle holder – still have lots to learn! It will look different when I am finished.

I have built some furniture and am working on two pieces now – its fun to be able to build birthday presents for my grandkids now. Again, would not have been able to do that this last year with the job and the winter time just gives me more time to do it!

White Oak student desk for my grandson
Hung very prominently in my woodshop

What I am really trying to say here is that all of our seasons have a reason, and winter is no exception. Let’s take what God has given us and if it is a time to play, then play, if it is a time to work, then work, but remember it is always a time to be thankful to God and to be with our families. Meanwhile, I can still sit by my fire and remember the fun time our family had at the beach this past summer!!!

Family picture time at the beach. Dressed up and walking to the Ocean.

Until next time – stay warm and spring will be here before we know it!!!


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