January 2021 – News we need to hear!

Happy New Year! I have heard a lot of that and a lot of people saying they are glad that 2020 is behind us, but wait a minute – I am sure most if not all of us can look back and see the blessings God has given us… I had the pleasure of meeting 2 new grandchildren this past year! It doesn’t get better than that! I retired!!!!! Woohoo!!! I learned a lot in my workshop and had a lot of fun doing it. I finally got to do some outdoor activities that I haven’t really done for 20 years or more. I did things around the house that needed to be done for years. While the virus has been in the family, those who got it had mild cases.

Now for 2021. I truly believe it is going to be a good year and I know God is still watching over us and guiding us. With that said, I am going to list some things I want to hear as news this year, or how I believe news should be presented.

  1. Church attendance is climbing and people are following God’s Word again. Wouldn’t that be wonderful and the solution to many of our nation’s problems.
  2. A new News Station is coming that will fairly report the truth on both sides of the issues so we can become better informed and know what’s happening. Yeah right – if there was one item here that would knock me right down – this would be it, but think about it – people would flock to it and they would make money hand over fist.
  3. The news has decided to quit relying on scare tactics and the data that looks the worst to report to us. Again, even though that would not be that hard it won’t happen. Let’s look at the virus. Right now we hear record numbers every day and that over 5 million have become infected. Scares everyone to death that just hears that. How about – 100 new cases were reported today and 98 persons were removed from quarantine – won’t happen, there might be some hope in there.
  4. You can now attend sports events and music events and not be hounded about them being spreading events. Maybe???? I do believe the vaccine will get us there, but you know that they are being held back right now, but I predict with the new administration magically this delay will go away.
  5. Travel and enjoy being with your family – it is safe. Folks, I am not sure we will ever hear this since our so called leaders have felt the power – they are not going to want to give it up.
  6. States are approving a constitutional amendment to limit terms in the Senate and House. I am tired of life long politicians that are in it for the money. How can you get into an office that pays a decent salary but still make exponentially more money over the term? Remove the life long politicians and bring in people who are there to do something during their time in office. Could happen – but since the people who it would affect the most would be involved – not likely. Needs to be a citizen campaign done within the rules of the constitutions and a grassroots citizen campaign not funded by big corporations or tech.
  7. The suicide and drug death rates are going down! I have been hit with news of suicides or unexpected deaths 2 times in the past week and it is not good. We need to be able to be human beings again and actually interact with one another face to face. Oh I hope that happens more this year!
  8. The use of social media is declining and people are talking face to face with one another again – yeah right!

Those are my hopes and dreams – and yes I know some are dreams but maybe we can move in the right direction. Personally I want to get healthier and happier during the year, and actually be able to attend some high school sports events again this year!

Happy New Years and lets all work together to have a good one!

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