Has common sense become a thing of the past? Christmas Eve, 2020

Christmas Eve, 2020. By listening to the news, social media, and our government, Christmas is likely to kill us this year. We don’t have the knowledge or common sense to protect ourselves or to do things safely – so stay home and don’t go out. We are not having church services – Christmas Parties and New Year’s parties are too dangerous, unless you are a politician of course. We have a vaccine, but much of it is sitting in warehouses because someone forgot to send in the order. If you live in a rural area, you must wait your turn for the vaccine, because well, uh, well, uh, —– you are going to get yours sometime soon. Our National Church Organizations are too focused on being socially acceptable, it seems they forget the words of the bible, and the simple statement that we are to love one another, and TEACH GOD’S WORD – yep, forgotten. Our government has been working for months to hopefully add a stimulus to help our country, but we are too worried that “the other side of the aisle will get the credit” or they are too interested in making deals and loading their pet projects into a 5000 page stimulus and I think, budget bill – though that is really hard to figure out. If the 5000 page bill is simply the stimulus, it amazes me that it takes that many pages to help struggling business, get out a vaccine, and provide an economic stimulus to individuals. 5000 pages? We can’t get our mail because it is now in Baltimore and they can’t get workers to come to work and follow safety guidelines. Unemployment is going up, but the wanted adds are always wanting workers. AND – if you disagree with these powers, you are a socially inept, morally ignorant individual. Really????

Today – I turned off the news, ignored the social media policemen, wished some happy birthdays and gave some Christmas wishes on that same social media, then went to town to get some items for this special holy family time. Here is what I saw in a local grocery store – everyone – yes everyone were wearing masks, even though you couldn’t see the smiles (I just hate that about these damn masks) you could hear the jolly words and laughter. I heard and shared “Merry CHRISTmas” with many many folks. I know of many folks who will still celebrate and pray with their families, and many of them have had the common sense to quarantine themselves for the past 10 days so they could do so. Many folks have still chosen not to travel, some of my family included, just to make sure everyone is OK, and what a sacrifice. Folks, even though common sense is NOT on the National Scene, look into your communities. It is there. The love we share with each other is still there. Our God and Savior is STILL with us, protecting us, and guiding us, and yes, calling some of us home to be and celebrate with him. Love, goodness, and yes, common sense still abounds. Look around you and not at a screen! Remember those who try to tear our community apart and give us a bad name are a very vocal minority – some in positions of leadership. Celebrate what we have and what God has truly given us.


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