We all have to have a place to go to get away from the grinds of our everyday life, and for me it is my grandkids and my hobbies. I love to hunt and fish, don’t do as much as I want still after retirement, but that is completely my fault. I love to hike, especially with my wife and I can see us doing more and more of that as the weather allows. That is the one thing we especially like to do and if I get out west again, that is what we will do the most of. I love to garden, and that will kick in again this spring, but the hobby that really gets me away is woodworking. I love to take an idea in my head and create it with wood.

Now I am by no means really good at it, but I am learning. That is a lot of the fun with it. I have made some nice things, but I make mistakes and I want to get better. I like watching videos and improving my craft – my way of continuing life-long learning which is so important to us. A year or two ago I was talking to one of my colleagues at school, I am a couple of months older than him so he gets away with calling me old man, but one of the many things he said that really sticks with me is that even in teaching, learning new ideas, ways, and methods are what keeps him in the profession, and when that goes away, he will give it up. Believe me, I don’t have to worry about that going away in woodworking.

I spent that last couple of years while still working creating my workshop, and now my dad has helped me get the finishing touches on it. I will be able to start creating round objects in the shop soon, and I am very excited about that!

I have made several different things for my wife and family, and have actually sold a couple of items, and that is what I want to continue. I have made a nice wormy chestnut bookshelf for my wife, an oak desk for my grandson, several sandboxes with lids, a convertible picnic table and bench, and am creating frames now with the scraps of wood I have left over. I really enjoy that! The best thing about it is that when I am in the middle of it, the trials and problems of the world disappear, and I am simply creating —– so much fun.

My advice to everyone, find that place to get away. That was a talk I had with many students when I was a principal, that were having trouble dealing with stress. We all have to take some of that time each day to get away, let our brains reset and to just breathe. It goes a long way in helping us cope, sleep, and be livable humans to those around us! My mom told me many times she hoped that someday I would start making things with wood, and hopefully she is looking down and smiling!

Til next time – Countrypap

Need I say more? – Sign a gift from one of my daughters.
Cherry Frame with Tung Oil finish
Sandbox with Benches
White Oak Student Desk with Pecan Finish
White Oak Famer’s Bench

One thought on “Hobbies

  1. When I retired, the first thing I wanted to do was some things in and around the house that I just never had time to do when working as a principal. That job can consume you! After two years, there are still some things that need done like interior painting. I’ve spent countless hours sewing, crocheting and quilting. Greg and I like to take hikes too, and when we can, we take the girls. Our favorite place to go is GSM National Park which is only a few hours from us. Because of Covid, we’ve done very little of that but once we are vaccinated, there’s no telling where we will find ourselves. I can’t wait!


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