There is a Storm Coming!

I really got a big kick today watching the local and national weather reports about the winter storm that is on its way. Oh my, to listen to them we are about to enter an apocalypse! They were using words like gigantic, enormous, millions of people affected, unprecedented and on and on. I was waiting on “it will be an historic record for this date”, never heard that one today, but it has probably been used. It is also quite comical to see that if the storm is going to hit one of the current “important” cities like New York, Washington, or Boston, the misery coming will be unprecedented!

Folks, all they are trying to do is to get you to watch their acting as many times as they can get you to in order to pull in more advertising dollars. The more times you watch, the more money they rake in. This all started days ago too with the tease so you will watch them more and the more hysteria they can create, the more money they rake in, and we all fall for it and waste our time watching it. I think we would be better off if we turned off the sound, watched the graphics, and moved on with our day. I get a real kick out of one Pittsburgh station that always at the end of the forecast says, “I just got some new data and if you come back in 15 minutes I will share it with you!” It used to really annoy me when I had to worry about my commute to work, but now it is quite comical (see I am REALLY trying to slow down 🙂

Here is my forecast and what it is based on. Looked at the temperature when I woke up – less than 32 degrees. Good – what falls should be snow and since it is in the mid twenties it shouldn’t be that heavy sticky stuff that clings to limbs and power lines, but it means we will get some higher totals. Looked outside – cloudy with some snow flurries – main storm isn’t here yet. Now I digress, but yesterday one forecaster looked out the window before her forecast and reported INTENSE flurries??????? Let’s think about that one. OK, continuing the forecast. I go outside for my morning chores and walk. I can hear the wind turbines, so the wind is coming from the east – usually a sign that we will get a decent storm if it does snow. So, my forecast is snow – we are going to get more than a dusting, probably enough to cause work for me and many others, and it will end and we will move on with our lives. Meanwhile, my fire is going in the wood stove, my snow blower is attached, and won’t it be a beautiful snow right before Christmas? (and yes I said Christmas and will always do so.) (Tried not to tie too much misery in this forecast!)

On a bright note, I saw a shared post from a superintendent in West Virginia who closed schools today, but the assignment was to get outside, play in the snow, and have fun with your family. Now that is an assignment we all need this year!

By the way, got a lot of visits at the site yesterday and thank you. Please feel free to comment and help get conversations going. Just a way we can stay in touch!

Until next time and Merry CHRISTmas – Steve

From my walk this morning

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