Hi There

My name is Steve and I am a retired educator – I taught for 33 years in a high school in Western Maryland and was a principal in a small high school in West Virginia for 4 years. After 37 years I decided to retire this past July and start doing things I haven’t been able to do for YEARS! I have been married to my best friend now for 36 years. We have three daughters, three sons-in-law, and now 5 grandchildren. Talk about life changing events, grandchildren are, and they are the best blessing God can give you. Sooooo – I now spend my time playing with my grandchildren – my daughters call it babysitting,- working in my woodshop, and doing those outside things in the Mountains of Western Maryland I haven’t done much since 2003 – the year I decided to start coaching three sports in high school.

My plans for this site? Well, I love to keep in touch with friends, and just don’t trust Facebook or any other big tech social media outlets, so maybe I can do that better here. I know – still big media, but I am hoping I can control this a little better. I think I have some stories to tell, and that’s what I want to do. I am tired — tired of others telling us what to do and trying to control our lives more and more, so instead of completely locking away and becoming a hermit, maybe friends can be made. I plan on taking a topic, or telling a story. Just a warning here, I do have my own opinions and let’s just agree that if you don’t agree that is ok, I will respect you and would ask that you respect me. I don’t plan on changing your views, and you probably are not going to change mine. Look for what the title states, I am going to slow down and I am a good ole country boy worried that there is a faction of people out there that want to take away our lifestyle, but also pretty sure that are some people out there like me, and that is the group that needs to connect with each other, support each other, and simply love our lifestyles and the lives God has given us.

So, if that’s not for you, I am not bothered by you not reading another word that I have to say, just leave and leave us alone. If you love God, your family, and a simple lifestyle that can slow down, let’s settle in together. Maybe we can have some fun.

Just a note: while I will share pictures and things if I can figure out how, I don’t plan on sharing names or identifying photos here. Many of you will know who I am by the description and that is OK, Please respect my privacy online as well and don’t share identifying things on comments as well.

So let the journey begin and let’s have some fun!

From my trip to Seneca Rocks

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